1. PRC has succeeded in ensuring a normal life span of life for its paraplegic and quadriplegics by preventing complications and ensuring an optimal state of health. We assist defense personnel with the following categories of rehabilitation:-

  • Physical Rehabilitation: PRC can ensure that the strength remaining in limbs and internal systems of the residents is maintained in an optimum state by physiotherapy, games on the wheelchair, regular medical checkups and daily care.  
  • Psychological Rehabilitation: PRC is proud of being able to boost the morale of its residents and assisting them in overcoming the trauma of a spinal cord injury as early as possible.
  • Financial Rehabilitation: We provide financial assistance to our residents and their spouses as needed. We have so far succeeded in helping them secure jobs in varied sectors such as the information Technology & Manufacturing industries. Moreover, we conduct workshops on vocational training too so that there is a sense of pride and independence among people within our organization and elsewhere. 

2. Wheelchair Sports: PRC is a pioneer in introducing sports in the wheelchair. The 1st National Games for disabled were also organized by PRC and were held in the Centre. Personnel living at the Centre are undisputed champions in wheelchair sports at the National level. They have also been bestowed with awards & recognition from national/international organizations.

3. Nodal Centre for Training: PRC is the Nodal Center for imparting training to doctors and paramedics in the rehabilitation of paraplegics/quadriplegics in India.